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Contemporary South Africa is forged out of a disruptive colonial past and apartheid struggles. Here photographs record encounters with, and traces of this legacy while gathering research for the book Photography in South Africa. The pictures are loosely constructed visual narratives that still contain social, cultural and political signs of this past as well as change.

The photographs made between 2016 and 2019 can be situated within local elections (2016); when President Zuma was in the spotlight (2017), and at a time of township and student unrest (2018-19)

David Goldblatt in Intersections provides some degree of context: ‘Primary is the land, its division, possession, use, misuse. How we have shaped it and how it has shaped us’. 1

1. Interview with David Gollblatt by Mark Haworth-Booth, London/Johannesburg, April 2005, David Goldblatt, Intersections, Prestel Verlag, 2005, P.99

Cape Metrorail
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