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Modern South Africa is forged in part from the disruptive histories of colonialism and apartheid. These photographs record encountered moments with place. Documented in-between research for the book Photography in South Africa. Intuitive trains of thought become both factual document and personal memo. The pictures inherently contain traces; both nuanced and explicit societal, cultural and political signs

Photographs in 2016 were made during local elections, while in 2017 President Zuma was in the national spotlight. Whereas, in 2018 and 2019 ongoing township and student unrest were in the news

The landscape was a focus in David Goldblatt’s project Intersections, In an interview with Mark Haworth-Booth Goldblatt provided insight into how he was looking at the land, he explained: ‘Primary is the land, its division, possession, use, misuse. How we have shaped it and how it has shaped us’. 1

1. Interview with David Golblatt by Mark Haworth-Booth, London/Johannesburg, April 2005, David Goldblatt, Intersections, Prestel Verlag, 2005, P.99

Cape Metrorail
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