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Simon A. Clarke lives on the Penwith peninsula in Cornwall. This ancient land and its inherent histories are one source of influence. After being a fellow at Exeter College of Art he moved to Kenya where he lectured in fine art at Kenyatta University. In East Africa, photography played a central role in his creative practice; recording the diverse topography and cultures. On his return to England, visits to New York and Paris provided new sources of inspiration. He then returned to East Africa to undertake doctoral fieldwork using photography as a visual research method to record textiles on the Swahili Coast. Recent projects have explored other kinds of terrain and their social realities. Most recently, he has undertaken research in South Africa for his book project Photography in South Africa, (2024); interviewing the late David Goldblatt, Omar Badsha and Roger Ballen amongst others. In South Africa he also developed his own photography essays. Simon is the author of several art and design publications and self-published books on his photography and digital projects (surreal explorations into environment, industry, science and the future). He has exhibited and lectured overseas and his work is featured in international publications. Artefacts and photographs from his archive are currently displayed in the touring exhibition Africa Fashion by the V & A Museum.





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