Simon Clarke grew up and now lives in the St Ives area of Cornwall,

England. This elemental Atlantic landscape remains a recurring influence.

After undergraduate and postgraduate studies he was a Fellow at Plymouth University. After, he then moved to Kenya where he worked as a Lecturer in Fine Art at Kenyatta University. Here photography became a key part of

his artistic practice drawing inspiration from the landscape, people and culture of the country. On his return to England, visits to New York and Paris

provided new sources of subject matter. While PhD fieldwork in East Africa engaged with photography and digital technology to inform methodologies.

Subsequent projects have engaged with new locations and their intrinsic

social and cultural realities. Over the last four years Simon has visited

South Africa to do research for a book on South African photography. This has enabled him to also develop photographic essays from the Highveld and Cape locations. Significantly he has met iconic photographers such as the late David Goldblatt, Omar Badsha, Roger Ballen and Paul Weinberg amongst others. Simon is the author of commissioned art and design publications and self-published books on his photography and digital projects (surreal explorations into environment, industry, science and the future). He has exhibited and lectured internationally and his work is featured in a number of international publications.







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