The Motel 

From childhood this roadside motel has held a curiosity born out of its difference to English vernacular buildings. This American styled motel represented a world apart, removed from my daily childhood experiences. Often passing by in a car but never stopping increased the mystery. A few years back, now grown up, there was a yard sale with owner present selling off an array of items including a great collection of flags some now in our possession. He was moving to Thailand on all accounts. A few months later I pulled over to look at the now deserted motel and took my first photographs. Two years later I returned and took another group of photographs. The motel is still standing but is a pale resemblance of its past identity and presence on the road. The photographs taken on reflection, in many ways exorcise a childhood curiosity and tell at the same time a narrative of decline, neglect as well as temporary traces of a new habitat with signs of intervention and occupation.

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